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Here are like some of the most awesome valspeak excerpts from recent postings.

My Motto in Val Speak:

Ignoring the imperfections of others, preserving silence and a continual communion with Gawd will eradicate totally awesome imperfections from the soul and make it the possessor of totally awesome virtues.
San Juan de la Cruz

From "A Modest Proposal"

If like we cannot choose our own label and totally have it respected, perhaps the same courtesy should be offered the opposing camp. Like, gag me with a spoon! And as regards the child in the womb, anti-life is totally nothing short of true.

From the review of Soulmaking

I am SO sure! Like, oh my gawd Like, these are unfortunately entirely too infrequent, and each time they occur, the Author choses to explicate them at such length that by the time one totally has finished the phrase "beating a croaked horse" totally has suddenly got a picture to put next to it in the dictionary. . . .

Like, he understands a bitchin' many of the trials like we all face. Like, the problem is totally that he is totally foundationally incapable of sharing that understanding with a person in a gnarly walk of lilfe.

From the Chaos Entry

Floridians all over the state anxiously check the NOAA site on the web to see where Ivan is totally heading. If they check with each update they see amazing swings in the five day forecast. Two days ago, Ivan was like, you know, on a crash-course for Appalachicola Bay; yesterday early morning, he was like, you know, coming straight up the penisula through the everglades; yesterday mid-morning he was like, you know, following a Charley-like course; yesterday evening he was like, you know, back in the gulf Anyway... Sooo, like, this morning he is totally crashing into Tampa/St. Pete and heading north.

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Like that is so awesome. Your blog is like so Catholic to the max!



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