Please Pray for the People of the Sudan

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And for an end to the racist hatred that is inspiring genocide. Pray for just international intervention to rescue those displaced and to bring proper pressure to bear to stop to the atrocities. Pray for wisdom for our own leaders that they will speak out on this horror and not allow another Rwanda. Pray for those who cannot pray for themselves, in fear, alone, abandoned, displaced, struggling in the rough terrain just south of the largest desert on Earth. Dear Lord, use our prayers to help the people of the Sudan, sustain their spirits in this unjust oppression, give comfort, shelter, food, and all necessities through the miracle of charity and concern.

Later: Thanks to Katherine's notice:This notice about troubles on the Southern Border See comments to this post for a reference to the problems in Western Sudan.

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The problems are in southern Sudan, in East Africa. Sudan's neighbor to the south is Uganda, which is having its own violence problems in the north, the area the Sudanese Christians are fleeing to. 25,000 children have been stolen and raped or forced into soldiery for the anti-governmental forces (Lord's Reistance Army). The situation in both countries has been ongoing for a long time.

We have a Ugandan priest friend and recently asked him about all of this. It is most sad. Please pray fervently.

Dear Katherine,

Thank you. The problem is quite widespread. Yesterday I was listening to an NPR report about oppression in Western Sudan, with refugee camps building up on the Chad border. See this article. This particular oppression is Arab Muslim v. Black Muslim. So we have a nation of anti-Christian violence and racist violence as well. They desperately need our prayers.





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