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No matter how I try, Ronald Knox cannot seem to keep my attention for more than a short essay at a time. I've tried all of his apologetical work, his mysteries, and his Enthusiasm. They all pall--rapidly. I'm trying The Hidden Stream--knowing with certainty that the faults lies within me. But I think that in addition to the two genres I mention below, there are very few apologetical works that can hold my attention. (Karl Keating comes to mind as the exemplar of apologetics that I DO like.) I don't know why I don't care for it (except for Keating, Kreeft, and C.S. Lewis) and I do recognize the importance of the work. I guess each person has that to which they are attracted.

However, if there are fans of Ronald Knox out there, I'd love to hear from you and most particularly what you consider his very finest work (in case The Hidden Stream doesn't cut it).

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Ack! I just finished _The Hidden Stream_, and I ate it up. It was fantastic. I have read very little Knox (I did read, and love, _Enthusiasm_), but I stumbled across the former and found it one of the best I'd read. Of course, I am a longtime C.S. Lewis fan, and this book especially is very reminiscent of Lewis' style. Perhaps it's a matter of taste. I have a feeling you'll take better to this book, though; it's much less 'scholastic' than others. Good luck.

I find his bible translations to be his best work.

His sermons are gems. Ignatius recently brought out a one-volume, thin-paper edition of his Pastoral Sermons and Occasional Sermons. Almost 200 sermons in it. I have quoted from a few of them.

That is interesting, especially since Knox if one of Karl Keating's heroes. His book Catholicism and Fundamentalism frequently mentions Knox.



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