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Since I'm apparently on this kick:

A site for the organization that Richard Foster helped to found--I don't know much about the organization and I have a strong suspicion of "convenant" kinds of things (comes from my days in the Evangelical/Fundamentalist mode. However, I do recommend Foster's writing--most particularly a magnificent little book called Simplicity--a heart-felt practical guide as to how to attain a simple life.

A brief description of Richard Foster's life and work.

An excerpt from one of the newsletters on the Renovaré site.

From a Pastoral Letter by Richard Foster

You can probably detect that I am not overwhelmingly encouraged by the popular expressions of Spiritual Formation today. I’m not; too much is too faddish and too formulaic for me to be optimistic. And yet, we stand at a moment of great opportunity. Human need today is so obvious and so great that no honest person can deny it. People stagger under the burden of human wickedness. Evil is an open, oozing sore. Therefore superficial, half-answers will not do. Not anymore. Today, there is a great new fact in the contemporary interest in Spiritual Formation. And I view it as a source for enormous hope. This great new fact is the widespread belief that we can no longer bypass authentic, pervasive, thorough transformation of the inner life of the human being.

Add to this the fact that the many “spiritualities” that have arisen in our day do not answer the question of how we can become a good person. Nor do they possess the power to make a person good. But genuine Christian Spiritual Formation does answer the question and does possess the power to bring it to pass. And it is an answer and a power that shines brightly throughout the pages of history. It is no accident that the blazing light and life of Christian faithfulness overcame and supplanted all the “spiritualities” of Rome in the early centuries of the Christian Era. They offered a life—a formed, conformed, transformed life—that the Roman spiritualities simply could not match.

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Steven, I visited Mr. Foster's website (Renovare), and was impressed. I would recommend his site particluarly to authors, speakers, etc., who want to target potential clients/customers who respond well to a smooth, classy, "soft-sell" approach. This very professional website does a fantastic job of the "tie-in", as they say in advertising. Excellent!



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