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joining St. Blog's at every turn--the one I found this morning (thanks to a comment) Scribblins. Joining us from that most Catholic of States--Alabama. Don't snicker, both Mother Angelica and Lee Ann are there--it's Catholic enough for me, and now I am certain of at least three more (I saw Mr. Jennings, his Sponsor Mr. Smith, and a Priest in photographs--so I know there's at least three!)

Thank you sir for leaving a comment, sometimes it's the only way I get out and about.

Go and enjoy.

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Actually, I am currently in exile in Georgia. My godfather and the priest are also currently residing in GA.

But Alabama will always be home. Also, the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide is a catholic, Mike Shula.

Thanks for the publicity though.

Franklin "Jerome" Jennings

Dear Mr. Jennings,

Thanks for the explanation. I thought Alabama was nearly in danger of being overrun by Catholics.





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