Greetings From Austin

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God has truly blessed Texas. The country between Austin and San Antonio is really very, very lovely. The hills, the greenery, the creeks and streams are all quite beautiful.

Last night I watched as a colony estimated at more than 1,000,000 bats swirled out from under the bridge in Downtown Austin and skimmed along the shores of the river. Turning around I was able to see the magnificent edifice of the pink granite Texas State Capitol. And it put me in mind of another way that Texas is blessed among states--their legislature meets only about once every two years or so. Sure enough, they do damage to last for at least two years, but nevertheless, they aren't always mucking around making a mess of things.

Austin is a beautiful city and the work here is going as well or better than the work I have done at many another location.

Pay attention to your day. There is so much to be thankful of in the course of it.

Hope to be able to say more later. May God bless you all. Pray for a safe flight today and then another tomorrow as I head out to Columbus.

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This roundup covers the period from 6 August to 12 August 2004. Read More


did you let the summa mammas know you were in their neck of the woods?

You've got a thing for bats. Are you sure it was more than a million? I'd be just a little nervous that ONE of them had rabies.

You aren't going to be coming out to the Golden State, are you?

Dear Alicia,

No, I thought they were nearer Houston--in Texas that may be a million miles away--I don't know geography well enough.

Dear Jack,

No, I don't really have a thing about bats. But this is the largest urban bat colony in the United States. The estimate was a million--and these were little tiny things--in the pale llight of the streetlamp they looked to be about the size of a mid-sized Luna Moth or a hummingbird (most of them). They were never close enough for rabies to be a fear.

Dear Erik,

There is every possibility as we move into next year. And if I will be in or near Sacramento, I will contact you!



In Texas we tell distance in time. I think in Austin you were about 3-4 hours away from us.

Austin and the Hill Country is beautiful, isn't it?

I wish you had been in Dallas or Ft. Worth or Waco or someplace close!!!

Last night I watched as a colony estimated at 1 bat, economy sized, swirled back and forth through the parochial school library and skimmed along the stacks. It didn't put me in mind of much other than, "Hey, there's a bat in here!"

I spent two days and one night in Austin once. My lasting impression of the city at night was that I was nowhere near college-aged any more, and thank God for that!


I went to school in Austin and loved it, of course, that was a long time ago and it has changed greatly.

If you get out Denver way be sure to let me know.

Paz y bien

Ron Moffat

Dear Steven,

If you're ever passing through east central Illinois, you'll have a joyous and noisy welcome here. If it's after the baby is born later this year, you'll even have a place to stay (til then, Lisa's on bedrest in the once and future guest bedroom.) 'Course, you could always crash on a couch if you're still young and spry.

Anyway, you (and any of you St. Blog's parishioners) are welcome to drop by anytime. We're about 30 minutes from Champaign and Decatur.

Cheers -




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