Early Christian Writers

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From an interesting site, and interesting book by George Jackson--a summary of the writings of the Early Church fathers, The Greek Post-Nicene Fathers. There's a nice description of the Church Father and of the nature of his writings.

An interesting e-Catena which includes excerpts from the Apocrypha of the New Testament including the exceedingly weird Protevangelium of James.

Look around the site, there is much of great interest and much that will confound, confuse, and add fuel to The DaVinci Code flame. We've had them with us from the very beginning. I suppose we should be thankful for Dominicans and Jesuits.

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This is an incredible site! It seemingly would take many lifetimes to get through it and makes the IVP Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series almost obsolete.

The home site http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/ not just the e-catena is wonderful resource.


Thank you, I'm glad that someone has found it useful.





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