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Not that you care, or should care, but I thought it would be nice to say some things that are complimentary of blogging as an exercise and as a discipline. Too often I hear all manner of critics of the art or craft, and there are, admittedly, some strongly negative elements in blogging. In my estimation, these negative elements are more than compensated for by the positive accomplishments that can be a part of participating in blogging.

While I may not compose my very best prose for this blog, I am composing prose daily. The nearly daily discipline of writing has much to be said for it. No, I'm not writing the novel, the poem of the century, or great and timeless essays. Nevertheless, I have an opportunity to say things that I think are important or fun in a forum that invites readers to contribute to the ideas.

I have learned just how little I actually am. Like many, I've thought a good deal too much of myself. I've taken for granted that I am capable and fairly intelligent. In the face of others I have realized my own incompetence and my own smallness in both intellect and spirit. There are those far brighter and more capable than I am--people who reason better and have a better grasp of certain matters that are of importance to me, but which I sort of walk by in a haze. I assume God's mercy will not hold me culpable for things I do not know, but I sometimes am desolated at the depths of my ignorance and my own inability to grasp what seems to others to be the simplest of points. Perhaps I am neither so bright nor so capable as I thought. And this is perfectly all right. It is good to see you as you really are, rather than as you think you are.

In reading other blogs I have been more informed, more inflamed, more engaged, and more interested than I have in years worth of magazines. I am hearing from people, not pundits. Admittedly not all have the same reach and capability, but blogs often allow me access to the opinions of people I can respect, admire, and like. I may disagree--and I try to do so as respectfully as possible. Blogdom has been an arena of learning and refining perceptions of self.

Blogging may not be high art; however, I believe it a valuable and important enterprise. It deserves more respect that the outside gives and and more respect than many of us give it. Will it last? Probably not. Most of us are not Shakespeares and Austens. But I don't think that is the point for most of us. There seems to be a sufficient understanding of the limits of the medium, but only a very poor understanding of its virtues. And there are a great many of them.

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Steven, you're right on the mark. I dare say many, many of us feel the same way about our attempts at writing in the blogosphere!

BTW - I visit your blog regularly for a reason - I like and appreciate your points of view and your writing! So there.

I agree. Blogging has been great for my humility. Especially reading what others have written. I am amazed at all of the talents and abilities that people display. Just when you think you know something about a subject you find out just how much more depth there is to it, especially in regards to the Church. Blogging is so much more personal than most forms of writing. I hardly ever tried to picture a person when reading a book or a magazine, but I soon start to fill out some kind of outline of a person after reading their blog.

I have also been humbled and illuminated by the discipline of the blog. I make an effort to post at least one thing daily - sometimes it isn't much, but the discipline is one that I wish I had developed much earlier in life. Talent is nothing without discipline - a lesson that is hard learned.

This has also been my experience in St. Blog's. I don't know as much as I think I do. There is a temptation on my part to not blog at all because it will only show my ignorance. I believe this is the temptation of pride. I don't want to be humbled, so I don't blog or I don't blog that much. Interesting. I've only now realized this. Of course, my busy schedule has kept me from blogging, but I do think that pride has also held me back.
From this moment on, let the ignorance spew forth. LOL!!
God bless,

One of the reasons that I find Flos Carmeli such a joy to read is because it so ofen provides a breath of fresh air, as in the case at hand.

While all things should be kept in proper perspective and responsibilities should not be sacrificed for predelictions, the negative aspects of blogging have been trumpeted--often but not always with good intentions--to the virtual exclusion of its many benefits.

Flos Carmeli to the rescue! As for YT, I write because I think. I blog because it provides yet another media to access the reader, one with all the charms that Steven aptly relates.



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