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Over the next several days, I shall be blissfully celebrating our nation's birth (much to Erik's pain and woe) at the breast of the Mother of Life (at least here on Earth) herself. Please pray for my family this evening as we travel, and even as I delight in the sun, the sea, and the shark's teeth, I shall be praying for you.

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No, no, no. No pain and woe. Remember I am a neutral in this conflict. Probably a little more leaning towards the monarchists, but they were Englisch (although Georg was a deutscher, he left the land of Hochdeutsch for a Low German land, which makes him suspect in my book) and Protestant to boot, so that sort of nullifies that. Anyway, the Fourth of July is always a great time to give thanks that we do not live in Canada. That and the fireworks make me all in favor of it, even if I don't really jump up and down in the spirit of the whole thing.

Pain and woe is celebrating the survival of the Mayflower crew.

Sounds like your going tropical. Ahh yes, you're in Florida. I almost forgot. My wife and I were just talking last night about how it's been a loooonnnggg time since we've had a tropical fix.

Godspeed, maybe you can pick up one of those American flags that hangs from a car window for your trip!

Have fun; don't forget teh sunscreen and the sand toys!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bon vacation!

The Hanoverians are pretenders anyway. Happy Fourth, and enjoy your trip!



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