The Present Futility of Legislation


Not that we shouldn't try, we certainly should. However, it is stories like this one that cause me to question the viability and purpose of legislation among a people with such hard hearts and broken minds. We can't even effectively ban infanticide without one wiser-that-thou supposedly constitution-interpreting-Judge pronouncing that we are wrong.

A while back I posted my "opposition" to legislation, which consisted largely of the fact that while not really opposed, I didn't really see much purpose to it with the present make-up of the courts and the present mindset of the populace. This just convinces me more and more of the necessity for prayer and fasting as well as charitable, meaningful, sincere person-to-person action and conversion. As Jesus said, "This type comes out only with much praying and fasting." We've invited Moloch in--it's very, very difficult to shove him back out again. While effective, substantive law will help, we're not yet at the stage, it appears, where such will be allowed to take effect. Please pray.

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