Review--Wilfrid Stinissen--Nourished by the Word

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Recommendation: Every person in St. Blogsland, without exception, and each and every member of your family should have and read this book over and over and over again. It is undoubtedly one of the most persuasive, moving, interesting, well-considered, accurate, and helpful books I have ever read on the subject of using the Bible as subject matter for prayer. (And considering how many such I have read, this is quite an accolade.)

Stinissen's book is one of the very finest on the subject I have read. Every line is a gem. There are surprises and sudden revelations at nearly every turn. The writing is gloriously succinct (the entire book is only 120 pages long), and yet filled with helpful insights.

The last chapter of the book alone should be reprinted in a handy pocket size and carried in the shirt pocket or purse of every Catholic who is at all serious about the Christian vocation and the desire to see God and do God's will. This chapter--"On Regular Bible Reading"--is not only the same old same old--trying to make you feel guilty about how infrequently you actually peruse the divine word, but it is practical guidebook about how to pray using Bible passages.

I have taken a long time to read the entire book. I dwelt on sentences and passages that spoke volumes. When I finished the last chapter, I picked up my Bible and with resolution turned to the shorter Pauline Epistles. And then something spoke to me and said, "No, turn back." So I did--to the letter of Romans. The understanding of that readins I shall try to share later in the day.

In six short chapters, Stinissen teaches the importance of Bible reading, the history, the history of interpretation, ways of understanding the bible, ways of studying the Bible, and finally, ways of using the Bible to really speak to God. Each chapter is a model of clarity and solid teaching and most give abundant examples of the theoretical issues (few in number) introduced in the text.

As this was a Liguori text, and I have in the past been "burned" by some books from the press, I kept waiting for the moment when I would say, "Ah, so that is the agenda." If there is an agenda other than that of the Church herself, I failed to detect it.

I was, in short, blessed by reading this book, as you will be as well. For further references, comments, and excerpts from this magnificent book, take a look here and enjoy. But above all else, buy, read, and use the book to improve your prayer life and your contact and understanding of the Bible.

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Thanks for the recommendation, Mr. Riddle! I've put it on my Amazon wish list so I'll remember to buy it next payday.

I added it to Steven. This looks like a gem; thanks for the heads-up.



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