How to Improve Your Prayer Life

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An interesting thought to ponder. I wonder, is it for Carmelites only?

from Prayer Life in Carmel
Fr. Redemptus Valabek, O. Carm.

[quoting Michael of Bologna, O. Carm]

"Whatever you are about to offer, my brother, certainly remember to commend it to Mary; just as every sentence contains a noun and a verb, so every prayer of ours should include Christ the active verb and Mary the noun, just as She became the Mother of the very Word."

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It's not for Carmelites only, but I don't think it's for everyone right now. It's probably for everyone who hears the suggestion and thinks, "You're right."

Dear Tom,

While Carmelites don't by any means have a lock on the Blessed Virgin, I had rather wondered whether this degree of emphasis might be indicative of a particularly Carmelite Spirit. Given that it was derived from writing of St. Bernard, the likelihood is that it was not, but outside of St. Louis de Montfort I hadn't read anything that had quite this degree of the influence of the Blessed Virgin.

I rather agree with your note that it isn't for everyone, because I'm still pondering what it means and whether it is truly the way my spiritual life goes--and I'm a member of the same order of the person who wrote it..



I agree with Tom. An example might be a recent Protestant convert to Catholicism. They may have a hard time with this at first.

Then again, it seems most Protestant converts to Catholicism have done their homework, and may have no problem at all with this.



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