Back to the Glorious 17th Century


(Although truthfully, this is at the dawn of the 18th.)

An excerot from John Dryden's magisterial reworking of Chaucer's "The Knight's Tale"

excerpt for Palamon and Arcite
John Dryden

 In days of old there lived, of mighty fame,
  A valiant Prince, and Theseus was his name;
  A chief, who more in feats of arms excelled,
  The rising nor the setting sun beheld.
  Of Athens he was lord; much land he won,
  And added foreign countries to his crown.
  In Scythia with the warrior Queen he strove,
  Whom first by force he conquered, then by love;
  He brought in triumph back the beauteous dame,
  With whom her sister, fair Emilia, came.
  With honour to his home let Theseus ride,
  With Love to friend, and Fortune for his guide,
  And his victorious army at his side.

Get the entire thing, along with a very nice commentary here

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