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The way they're cropping up around here those Oratorians and Domincans are a real threat to Carmelite domination of St. Blogs. Yes, well, we'll just see about that won't we my pretty. . .

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If it's any consolation, and while I am not a Seculary Carmelite, my heart is with the Carmelites and if the opportunity ever opens up for me to be able to attend Secular Carmelite meetings, I will. There is a Carmelite Monastery in Munster, IN near the town of Portage which is where we are thinking about moving to. I can't remember if I talked to you about this or not. If we do make the move, I have to imagine there is a Secular Carmelite group that meets there and hopefully at a time that will allow me to attend.
God bless,

I hope we don't have to go all out Elijah on them.



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