A Sinner's Prayer

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The only thing I'm really good at is resisting you,
and now I'm at an age when resistance doesn't have nearly the attraction
it once did.

So I ask you humbly Lord, make the path to agreement smoother,
help me not to resist your grace,
because left to myself, I will always choose what I want
over what I really need.

Open my eyes and my heart,
let me see and love you.
And in seeing, let your light shine through me.
May I become light in light for those around me,
for the salvation of souls
and for the betterment of life here on Earth.

O Lord, do not abandon me as I deserve,
but make haste and help me,
transform me into what you would have me be.
I cannot even will it fully,
but what I can do, I shall do.
I am weak, make me weaker that you might
be in complete control.


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Happy Blogiversary to me -- almost. Read More




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