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But thank goodness




are coming to more prominent public attention.

I was feeling bad the other day for buying a toy rack that was made in Thailand because there is no question but that terrible exploitation of children and women take place in the country. And then I thought, at least if the children are working here they are not in a worse place. (Yes, I know JB, hardly a salve to conscience--it's becoming impossible to buy ANYTHING any more. But I don't have the skills to make it all for myself.)

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I've had that same thought about products made in Thailand. Efforts at more conscientious buying are coming up soon on our list. It's just one of the things I hate about shopping places like Wal-mart, wondering at what price our cash savings come. But we do it anyway, partly because it's cheap, partly because it's convenient. Of course, I feel pretty shallow being concerned with fifty cents and a couple of hours when reminded of the continuous desecration of so many people made in the image and likeness of God...



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