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Please let me know if the present line-length in the main blog is comfortable. If not, too long, too short? I think it's about right for good column length and probably good for most poetry display. But let me know if you think it needs something different.

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I'm reading it on the one computer (at work) that previously squashed the columns. It is readable, but now requires scrolling across (which is a bit of a nuisance but tolerable)

The middle column's text width is comfortable here in Opera 7.11 for linux, but the right column isn't visible.

Dear Mr. White,

I hope that's because you're looking at the new layout and there is no right column. Otherwise I can't explain it. Does it appear as though there ought to be a right column? (The beginning of text, etc?)



Looks fine on my laptop (1400 x 1050 screen size). But I go more for content, so make it look however you want. I'll be back because the content is good.

I have to scroll a tad from right to left to read the main column (at 800x600), but it's much much easier to read than the previous format.

Dear Peony,

What's your estimate of a little? Perhaps 20 px? Let me know and I'll adjust. The column could do with a little narrowing as it is still a fairly long line for comfortable reading. (It's larger than a paperback book on most screens) So let me know and I'll adjust a bit.

This was precisely the kind of feedback I'm looking for. Naturally it displays perfectly on the screens I look at it on, so I have some difficulty defining it precisely.




Both your previous format and this one are quite comfortable for me.

I like this format

oh goodness, I just did trial and error until I got the results I liked (which I sent you.) But another 20-30 px might do the trick nicely. Every time I visit there's less scrolling needed. Thank you :)

Most excellent sir,

Looks precisely right both at work and at home. Who could ask for more?

Dear Mr. Riddle,

Oh! Your coral-colored title box spanning the width of the page led me to think there should be a third column below it on the right. Aside from that small snag in my mind, all is clean, clear and enjoyable.



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