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Does anyone have any idea why the blog displays this way? What is controlling the length of the second column? I don't see any indication of length in any of the code/stylesheets/etc. I found one missing semi-colon, but nothing else. This is very frustrating. That and the lack of a break between "Frequented Blogs" and "Categories."

This is why I don't want to start a new page--hours and hours get poured into trying to get everything to display properly.

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If you're using CSS, you have to use a javascript fix to make the three columns the same length. I think you can find the fix at http://www.positioniseverything.net/ (I have no affiliation). See the "Three Column Stretch" information.

Let me know if you need any other help - I've gotten pretty good at CSS over time!


Dear Jay,

Thanks. Actually the question was misworded. At the time I was trying to control the WIDTH of the second column. (I had put everything in a 2 column display and the second column was running well beyond the edge of a normal display entailing an aggravating amount of side-to-side scrolling for everyone. There was no indication of a total screen width and yet this column seemed to occupy the full width of an 800 X 600 screen--very aggravating.



i will email you the fix later today.



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