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I have been requested and am in the process of considering a change back to a two-column format here. I can see some of the advantages of both means of doing this. Personally, I prefer the three column format most of the time. However, it does tend to lengthen posts and scrolling--so two might not be bad. In order to do this I would probably have to create a separate links page, so I would have to either impose upon my hosts to that extent or build a separate page on my own site. I have resisted building my own site precisely because it would become the kind of time-sink which would require me to leave off blogging entirely.

Does anyone else have an opinion on the matter? I respectfully request any such in the comments box below or by e-mail. Or perhaps you all have some solution that I have not yet considered. Please let me know. Thanks.

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I think that if you like the three column format, you should keep it. A little scrolling never killed anyone.

I enjoy the content of your blog; the layout you choose is personal. It should be up to you.

That being said, if you choose an external link page, I've got plenty of server space. :o)

As a regular reader, I concur with Crystal that you should follow the style that follows your vision.

My only practical problem with the current layout is that on my browser at any rate the third column is covered in part by the center column making it hard to decipher. For example the first item under Recent Entries is "thcoming." But, perhaps, this problem is ont my end--not yours.

It may be self-interest ;-), but I hope you wiil be able to find a way to keep Frequented Blogs on your front page. (Even on CURE's nonblog website, we list our links on the home page for the convenience of our visitors.)

Bottom line: you decide, Steven. Frankly, it is your content and thoughts that keep me coming back, not the packaging.


Dear Mr. Appleby,

It is precisely because of some of these difficulties that you describe that I have considered the notion. (That and being asked to consider the matter by numerous people). I'm becoming more inclined to the two column format (poetry won't turn lines strangely--posts won't run on forever). Also, I suspect with slightly wider columns it is possible that I'll be able to retain the links on this page.

I hesitate to move them to another page because then there's that much more to tinker with and play around with. So it may be that one column scrolls on forever--but that's relatively little harm as no one really needs to read that column. The difficult part of the matter is that frequented blogs would be likely to go to the bottom of that long column. I'd have to play around with formatting for a while to get it right. I'd need to dump header picture, perhaps calendar, and maybe Weather Pixie.

I don't know--nope not at all. But I am leaning toward two column.

Also, anyone who reads this comment and knows--how do you get backgrounds to work? I've tried a dozen different code snippets in the CSS but none of them appear to have any effect.



As you know, I favor the 3 column format - if I have a long post I tend to do the "continued on page 2" thing. On the majority of computers that I have seen your page it looks great, but on one of them there is the overlap mentioned above - yet on that same computer my blog lays out just fine. As far as I know, we are both using the same basic template so I don't know what is happening to yours.

Well, it looks like you've been playing with the format already. Now the main column (with the posts) is running over several inches to the right of my screen. But everyone is right-- we read your blog for the content, not the design elements. We'll keep reading even if we have to scroll up, down, left, or right.

Okay . . . I'll admit, I'd be hard-pressed to keep reading if you changed it to a purple font on a black background . . . . :-)



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