Expect Silence

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For the next few days as I consider other things more closely and decide if/when and where this will end.

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"This" as in "this blog"? I'd be very sorry to see that.

I echo The Barrister. To what does the cryptic "this" refer to?

I echo the Barrister too!!!!

If this is a poll on preserving the oasis of faith in the desert that is the world, please mark my tally as number 5!


This gives me a sick-eth feeling, so please mark me down as the sixth dissenter.


I too hope you will not give up on this effort entirely.

Paz y bien

Mark me down as dissenter #8. This is a very worthy and compelling blog. I enjoy it a great deal, as do many others, and urge you to continue your good work.

Be silent as you need to, but please return soon, even if not every day. I _have_ to post something just about every day, but that's because my blog doubles as a panic monitor for my sibs, they start fretting about me if I miss more than one day in a row; but that doesn't apply to you! Your kindness and wisdom encourages me.

karen marie

Dear Steven,

I've learned a tremendous deal from reading your blog, and hope - with everyone else - that this does not end. But it would be very selfish of me to assume that there are not more important things that you need to consider or that there are not other ways that you can teach and converse with others more profitably.

If there are ways that we can help you "consider other things more closely," perhaps through prayer if not direct conversation, please let us know. We owe you that much.




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