An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

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Dear Esteemed Governor,

As a citizen of the State of Florida, I am appalled at the way a rampant judiciary has taken it upon itself to sentence a woman unable to speak for herself to an unspeakably horrible death. I will readily admit that I do not know all the facts in the case, but it seems to me that there are people who would be willing custodians of the precious life of Terri Schiavo, and in that event, these people should be allowed the opportunity to care for her. Obviously there are differences of opinion about Ms. Shiavo's chances and if the person presently in custody no longer cares to be burdened with her, so be it. However, given the present state of disagreement, it is not seemly that anyone should preempt any chance Ms. Schiavo may have to continue her rightful life here on Earth.

It is your right and privilege as Governor of the great State of Florida to issue a stay of execution on any prisoner or an person rightly adjudged of the courts of Florida to have merited death. Ms. Schiavo has been found guilty of being a burden and is thus seen as disposable. Please issue a writ to counter this judicial usurpation of the authority of the state. Ms. Schiavo is not a criminal, nor does she deserve death. She deserves custodians who will care for her and see to it that she is nursed back to health.

Please, please, please for the sake of Ms. Schiavo, and indeed for the sake of the state of Florida and these United States, intervene and overturn this writ of execution. Do not allow our courts to put to death one who has committed no crime. Do not let the State of Florida be the place where the next step down the slippery slope of the culture of death is taken.

most respectfully yours. . .

Oh, and please, see this prayer for Ms. Schiavo

And while we are storming heaven, I encourage every Floridian to storm the governor's office and work on him until he rescinds the court order by executive order. We should not let this go unaddressed; Florida should not lead the way into the next revelation of the Culture of Death.

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If I understand aright, a President or Governor can only give an executive order to employees of the executive branch of government; e.g., he can direct them to ignore the court order. This isn't quite the same thing as rescinding the court order.

Dear RC,

You may be correct, but he can directly remit the consequences of a court order and render it invalid in the case of a pressing state need. Thus the writ that condemns Terri is a matter of judicial decree, Bush simply says the decree is invalid for the pressing reason of state interest in the life of the person who cannot speak for him or her self.

I honestly don't know what is possible. But if I do nothing, then nothing is possible from that action. Yes, I'll pray, but this calls for mare. And whether possible or not, the extraordinary circumstances require a leader to rise to the occasion.on my hands does not open up possibilities. What is there to lose by bringing enormous pressure to bear on elected officials? I susspect a great many court cases are not fully decided on the basis of what is heard and seen in court. It's time to use that process to our advantage.





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