A Message from Sir Walter Raleigh


A Message from Sir Walter Raleigh

A short letter upon his death. Touching, tender, and practical. "To Day a Man, To Morrow none."

from "To Day a Man, To Morrow none," a Letter of Sir Walter Raleigh awaiting Death in the Tower   As for me I am no more yours, nor you mine, death hath cut us asunder, and God hath divided me from the world, and you from me: Remember your poore childe for his fathers sake that comforted you, and loved you in his happiest times,     I sued for my life (But God knowes) it was for you and yours that I desired it: for know it (deare wife) that your sonne is the childe of a true man, and who in his owne heart despiseth death, and his mishapen and ugly forms.     I cannot write much: God knoweth how hardly I stole this time when all were asleep, and it is now time to separate my thoughts from the world. Beg my dead body which living was denyed you, and either lay it in Sherborne or in Exeter Church by my father and mother. I can say no more, time and death call me away. The everlasting God, infinite, powerfull, and inscrutable God, That Almighty God which is goodnesse it selfe, mercy it selfe, the true light and life, keep you and yours, and have mercy upon me.     Teach me to forgive my persecuters and false accusers, and send me to meet him in his glorious Kingdome.     My true wife farewell, God blesse my poore boy, pray for me, my true God hold you both in His Armes.
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