Sta. Teresa de Avila

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The Carmelite Saints have it a little rough this month, but as I said of St. Therese, I am sure that it is with the greatest possible pleasure that Sta. Teresa de Avila cedes her place in the calendar to our most Precious Lord and His feast--for without His, she would have no place at all.

Nevertheless, her family and friends all remember her, and plead for her intercession today--some for headaches, some for help in their prayer lives, some for needs unknown. Freed of presiding over a Feast Day for her family (you all know how Thanksgiving can get) she has more leisure time to intercede for those of us most needy.

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Happy Feast Day!

We remember, honor, and pray. You ae too funny!

Oh, I've thought it was great this year! Since permission was given to celebrate both feast days in Carmelite houses, there were Sunday Masses for both feast days at the monastery chapel. Also, Pope Benedict XVI mentioned St. Thérèse of Lisieux in the Sunday Angelus message 2 weeks ago and in his homily for today's Canonization Mass. How many years do you have the Pope mention the Madre on her feast day in a canonization homily after all?



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