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from "Regeneration"
David Warren

We could bore each other weekly with anecdotes from the papers to illustrate what I mean. The tabloids seemed to exist to remind us of the depravity to which humans are capable of sinking, but so now do all the papers in the broadsheet universe. Let me utter the single word, “Madonna”, to assure my reader that I am not overstating the depths we have excavated. Let him simply walk along an urban street, and observe what is for sale in the video shops and elsewhere, to be reminded of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim. Or more subtly, let him examine the wayward design, and shoddy quality, of almost every item for sale in a shopping mall.

And yet, such things have become invisible to many, if not most, who are younger. They never saw anything better, they never heard of it from their parents. They have been propagandized in school, to condemn uncritically anything from “the past”, and yet taught nothing about it. “Freedom” has been defined for them, as freedom from the good, the true, and the beautiful. Their own innate desire to do good, to be honest and brave, is twisted towards the strangest postmodern ideals, so that -- let me give just one clinching example -- the postmodern adolescent thinks wearing a condom is virtuous, whereas chastity would be cheating.

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