Poem for Ascension

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after William Carlos Williams

So much depends
on a

Great God Savior
who graced

by death ascends
to joy

among all his

© 2005, Steven Riddle


so much ascends
with a

Great God Savior
who rose

from the dead to
bring joy

to his people
on earth

© 2005, Steven Riddle

Which goes to show you the tremendous art and difficulty of Williams's little game. I love "Red Wheelbarrow" as a slight imagist game, but that is how it should be regarded--delightful for what it is--a trifle. In this case, I think we can dispence with all of those specious arguments about Williams'a poem. In this case, it is very easy to argue that so much does depend on ....

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These got a great big smile out of me... :)

Dear Dan,

Thank you, that is the highest possible compliment, because that was what they were meant to do.



blank worse

so much depends

a tan
time card

glazed with salt

beside the green
time clock.



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