My God, My God, Why Have I Abandoned You?

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Silence is shattering.
It says nothing more than what you hear in it and what you see in it.
Sometimes it shows you the numbness of the heart.
Other times it shows you the hardness of the heart.
But silence cannot be silence without grace, and grace prevails.

Still you are left asking, "Why have I abandoned you?"
I am bewildered and wondering--not knowing what I have always known
and wanting now to know the way home--
to know if for ever so small a span of time
that there is a home. And the question returns

in the span of years of silence,
"Why have I abandoned you?"
Where did I turn away?
The spectre of Judas hangs before me
over and over again I see myself

accused and not noble enough to at least
be ashamed. Uncaring enough to spare myself.
In shattering silence I cry at first
why have you abandoned me?
Becomes, why have I abandoned you?

Daddy, come and rescue me.

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Rescue me, too!

I really like this. A lot. I'm inclined to clip the initial stanza and carry it around with me. Thanks for posting it.

Daddy, come and rescue me. My heart has so hardened that the only hope I have is for Daddy to come and rescue me. Thanks for the poem. It's good to know that there are others who cry out for rescue.



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