Important Questions for Texans

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While contemplating future possibilities, the subject of a visit to Texas came up (San Antonio, in particular). We said something of this to Samuel and he immediately asked, "What kind of food do they have in Texas?"

"Well, they have chili and Tex-Mex, and all sorts of food?"

"Do they have Oreos?"

"Well, yes, they're not a foreign country," my wife, charming in her ignorance, replied. I quickly correctly this misconception--after all we are talking the Republic of Texas.

"Do they have cheerios?"

"Yes, they probably have cheerios."

"Well what other food do they have?"

I suppose Samuel is concerned about starving to death. However, he went to sleep for the last three nights in a row singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas." I don't know when he thinks we're actually going (if at all) but it isn't this weekend.

So, all you Texans out there, do you have any thoughts about Texas food? Any words of wisdom to share with Samuel to allay the fears of no oreos and no cheerios?

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Just tell him of the delights awaiting in a panaderia (sp?) - Mexican bakery ... all kinds of sweet breads, often with fun garish frosting. My kids grew up on quesadillas (the plain kind) ... and Oreos and cheerios. So c'mon into our "country." :-)

There are two restaurants you want to look up while in San Antonio.

Pico de Gallo and Los Barrios. They have the best Tex Mex and Mexican food ever.

I just ate at Pico de Gallo 2 weeks ago when in San Antone. I had the Pollo y mole (chicken with a thick brown sauce of peppers and chocolate. Very good.

We have Oreos. And Cheerios. And Spaghettios.

We have Pizza. And McDonalds. And Chinese food. And Vietnamese food. And Cajun food -- lots of crawfish.

We drive cars.

Most of us don't have horses. We have an apartment.

Come back in March and come to Houston for Rodeo -- 3 weeks long, fills up the Reliant Stadium each night.

No Gila monsters at the airport. But a few cowboy hats.

We also have rockets and space shuttles, deserts and bayous, mountains and hills, prairies and swamps, rivers, beaches, alligators and armadillos.

If he's an adventurous eater, you should make sure he tries jackalope.

Oh, I'm so sorry you're not here in Ft Worth NOW. The annual Stock Show and nightly rodeos have been going on a good part of the month of January. It'll end next weekend.

If you came then, you would see some realio, trulio cowboys, horses, etc.

Tell him where I was raised (out in West Texas, not where I live now) that macaroni and cheese is considered a vegetable, and oreos cannot be eaten unless you screw them apart and lick the white stuff off first!

Oh, and later in the year, we have the National Cutting Horse Futurity here in Ft. Worth--which is really something to see as well.

Plus we have world class museums (Western, Modern, and Everything), the Texas Rangers baseball team, Six Flags Over Texas Amusement Park, and a bunch of other stuff.

San Antonio is cool (and you could visit one of our sister Anglican Use Parishes while you're there), but so is the great city of Ft. Worth!

Let me make a few phone calls to my San Antonio connections (almost all in the world of Tejano music, so be warned that what I dig up will be slanted in that direction, and probably quite blue collar). Any other cities you want me to inquire about?



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