Liturgy of the Hours

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Want to pray the liturgy but lack the money for the books or time to get them.

Everyone probably knows about Universalis. But I found one that is one step better in some ways:

Liturgy of the Hours Apostolate which daily offers screen-readable or printable booklets for all the hours of the day.

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I use the Liturgy of the Hours Apostolate version on my Palm Pilot. I prefer it because Universalis doesn't provide the short reading after the Psalmody whereas the Apostolate version does. I also love the way the Apostolate version is laid out.

If you'd like to add audio to that, check out the Monks of Adoration at

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for the link.



I've bought very inexpensive volumes of the Divine Office from They sell them used, and you can search by the lowest price. I think I got one volume for under $10.



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